About Us

In 1966 Ralph C. Whisnant, a third generation paving/grading contractor, would design and manufacture the perfect finishing roller… One that wouldn’t leave roller marks or cut asphalt!  Instead roll asphalt “Slick as a Mole!”  He was tired of little slow rollers or big “too heavy” rollers that spider webbed from being too heavy per square inch.

The Rol-Mol Roller was born to keep up with pavers and mold asphalt as it was rolled slick as glass, no roll marks!  Built from heavy duty steel not plastic! Built to last for years, not just two or three!

48 years and three generations later, we still build the best finishing roller out there!  Prove us wrong, nothing rolls like our Rol-Mol does!  Roll asphalt correctly the first time.  Buy a Rol-Mol and join our family!